Code of Violence

On the subway, I see a boy who is about 10 years old; he’s with his father. Both of them have red hair, but the boy has Asian features—a round face and pointy eyes. His father has a long face and Western eyes. Maybe this boy is something like me, a halfling. “Do CIA agents […]

The Storm

He liked to have his house in order, which was why he’d never had a family or pets. He liked his routines and there was nothing wrong with that. Every day in the summer months, he wore his father’s old Fire Department windbreaker, with a blue FDNY polo shirt, khaki shorts and flip-flops, so he […]


Horse Track Portraits

I’ve been working on the Horse Track Portrait series almost every Sunday for three years now at the Golden Gate Fields horse track in Berkeley. All the photos are of anonymous people at the edge of the track fence during the brief races and were shot without the subject’s knowledge/consent. I’m in the very early […]

Four Poems by Hal Sirowitz

Removing Her Boots She took off her boots and said now she can get down and dirty. She got down but before she could get dirty, she fell asleep. Petting She took me to the petting zoo. The only bad thing was I had to wait in line with all the other animals. Simple Simon […]

Sensitive Skin 13

Presenting Sensitive Skin 13, the Crime Special, featuring a multitude of criminally insane artists and writers. Sensitive Skin 13 features original fiction from Peter Blauner (Slow Motion Riot, The Intruder), Thaddeus Rutkowski (Violent Outburts, Haywire), Robert C. Hardin (Distorture), Carl Watson (Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming, The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts) Matt McClaren and B. […]


In late February 1972, all my friends finally ended up in block 2. The winter was harsh. We had more than three feet of snow. Right away, Jean-Paul Mercier became a close friend. We saw eye to eye about everything. I knew he was capable of going to the extreme limit in even the most […]


Straight Jacket Elegies by Alan Kaufman – A Review

I believe this new book of poems by Alan Kaufman, Straight Jacket Elegies, will be read as an extension of the Beats. Glance at the back cover, which describes the author in this way: “Alan Kaufman has been compared to Jack Kerouac.” I don’t think this comparison is exactly accurate, but it will be made […]

“Body + Technology + Landscape” in Flame Schon’s INterzone

INterzone’s title text ascends in an expressive flair, setting an introductory tone for Flame Schon’s singular action expressed as a psychedelic video that expands straight documentation into a stylized, creatively independent artwork. Schon walks through a narrow cavernous passageway found in a mountainous New Mexican landscape guided by her video camera, shooting a realtime first-person […]


Best of Enemies – A Review

You’re watching live television coverage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Outside of the convention hall, the Chicago police are clubbing demonstrators asking for peace. Inside the convention, on the ABC News set, you see this: “Now listen you queer, quit calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in the goddamn face and you’ll […]


The Night I Fucked My Alarm Clock

starving in philadelphia i had a small room it was evening going into night and i stood at my window on the 3rd floor in the dark and looked down into a kitchen across the way on the 2nd floor and i saw a beautiful blonde girl embrace a young man there and kiss him […]