Guardian Angels? & Other Poems

guardian angels? a pistol is held to your forehead in a bosky alley of the night you search for the face behind the hand as you wait for the click of the trigger instead you see the hand holding the gun pull back you take a deep breath and when your lungs fill up with […]

Poor Dumb Bum

I was fucking Rosie Fox on a pool table in the basement of a Lower East Side club called Quando. Rosie’s miniskirt was hiked to her waist, her panties were somewhere on the floor, her ass was positioned over the side pocket like a giant white cue ball, with her legs spread on either side […]

The Last Good Year

The house felt like Christmas, at least that’s all young Louie Laszlo could think to compare it to. Mama made a special dinner, cleaned the house more thoroughly than her nurse’s job usually allowed, and lit the scented candles. All of this was unprecedented for a midsummer’s eve, but in his trusting youth Louie had […]

Itinerant Architectures

Itinerant Architectures

Itinerant Architectures is a series of sculpture, installations, architectural interventions and site-specific works. Drawing on ideas of the nomadic, the transient, opportunism and frontierism, it considers domestic civilization that springs up on the fringe of the wild. The sculpture series is constructed from junked mobile home trailers, taking what was architectural space and rendering it into abstract form.

Paris Scratch by bart plantenga

PARIS SCRATCH – a new book

Buy it on Amazon $9.95 Buy the PDF The complete PARIS SCRATCH is now available from Sensitive Skin. bart plantenga spent years wandering the haunted streets of NYC & Paris, cluttered with ghosts & memory, rich in phenomenological detail, friends & foes, encounters & coincidence & the enticing scent of decay, which allows the old […]

Anna Akhmatova

The Final Toast

The Final Toast, a poem written by Anna Akhmatova, with a reading by Anna from July 27, 1934. Translated by Jenny Wade.

The Camden Town Murder, painting by Walter Sickert

Jack the Ripper, Performance, Participation, Fans and Trolls

During the autumn of 1888, the period of the Jack the Ripper murders in Whitechapel, London, an ephemeral canon of “Ripper letters” was established, notably the so-called “Dear Boss” letter delivered on September 27th, the “Saucy Jacky” postcard of October 1st that inspired Spinal Tap’s vaudeville music hall period, and the “From Hell” letter with […]

Whenmill by Ryan Choi

Three Dancers and Whenmill
Recordings by Ryan Choi

Three Dancers is the debut release from composer Ryan Choi. The album derives its title from Pablo Picasso’s painting, Les Trois Danseuses, and features three intensely kinetic and intricate compositions that draw as much from literature and visual art as they do from musical tradition. These recordings, featuring the baritone ukulele, percussion and electronics, were […]

Mark McCawley

Mark McCawley RIP

“I had become periodically insane, with long bouts of horrible sanity…” –Mark McCawley, “Sick Lazy Fuck” I knew something was up on 3 counts: I had just posted something on the 19 April death of Richard Lyons of Negativland, the samplodelic media-hacking collective I admired for their sinister deconstructions and decompositions of society’s hypocrisies and […]


Seven Poems

SHOOTING FOR THE STARS IN KEVLAR We run from hot summer days and broken air conditioners. We run to chilled movie theatres make out like teenagers who’ve never had sex never been kissed by tender mouths and never cradled in the arms of an unconditional love. We make our own movies back in the back […]