Gladyss of the Hunt

Arthur Nersesian

“Gladyss! Turn on the TV, quick!” “Hold on!” I muttered, having just been awakened from a sound sleep. Assuming it had something to do with my murder case, which my brother knew I was assigned to, I put on my glasses and flipped it on. “What happened?” I asked him groggily, nervous that the killer… Read more »

Sun Ra – Live at SummerStage, Central Park, 1986

SummerStage was established by the Central Park Conservancy to bring a diverse selection of music to the park in a series of free performances during the summer months. The first concert was held at the Naumberg Bandshell in 1986 and featured the Sun Ra Arkestra. In 1986, our gang didn’t venture uptown much—anything north of… Read more »

New Monsters: First Appearance

Dan Plonsey

Harvey Pekar died just before we went into the studio to record these pieces. Harvey and I had recently collaborated on an opera, “Leave Me Alone!” He wouldn’t make anything up, so my idea of a story of a fictional Cleveland musician had to be about me instead. Unfortunately, there’s not much to my story…. Read more »


New Monsters – Live at 55

The Editors

Presenting the first release from Sensitive Skin Music, The New Monsters Live at 55 Sensitive Skin’s inaugural release, New Monsters Live at Studio 55, highlights the role of jazz in the 21st century. Captured live at Studio 55 in Marin and featuring the compositions of saxophonist Dan Plonsey, this album echoes the ensemble’s roots in… Read more »

Double Indemnity—A Review

Franklin Mount

As the film starts, we hear ominous music and see a man’s silhouette, a tall, broad-shouldered man, walking toward us on crutches. A car careens through the dark streets of sunny Los Angeles. Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray) an insurance salesman, casually stops by to see a prospect, a man whose automobile insurance needs renewing, hoping… Read more »


Tambourine Man: Gene Clark – Part 13

Drew Hubner

When I awoke at dawn Gene Clark was driving and humming to himself. We’re going to take a side trip to see the folks, he said and then we have a show at Wayne State in Detroit. The car broke down; it would not go over thirty and the snow started again. Gene turned off… Read more »


Tambourine Man: Gene Clark – Part 12

Drew Hubner

photograph by Ted Barron A true Operatic, Gene Clark could have sung stage, and his natural style was that of the Elizabethan ballad, songs that he had traded verses with his father since a bare lad. He learned to keep perfect natural time with his foot and add orchestra with his harmonica. Though again with… Read more »


Tambourine Man: Gene Clark – Part 11

Drew Hubner

That night in the dark van, as the stark winter night trees made shadows on the old winding and cracked highway, Gene told us of how writing songs and singing them, sometimes performing even made him feel something like he did as a child when he played Indian in the woods from his friends. He… Read more »