The Senator Gets the News the World Is Burning, oil on sized paper, 11" x 14”, 2014, by Stephen Lack
Flack from Taylor
Taylor Mead

A President who makes war Against and on Behalf of the Worst of the Arab world. Who sells the country to the Japanese government and its subsidized corporations. Who is a mealy-mouthed lying bastard Banker. Who doesn’t give a shit for his dog except as a vote-getter. Welcome to 1992— Mayor Dinkins, who is a… Read more »

Kiss of Kind
Carl Watson

Virtue and Fear Stare at each other in the mirror, They feed upon & tease each other Until neither one remembers what it used to be. That mirror’s name is Vanity, It can make a body live in harmony With an improbable costume Or it can make life hell, A reflection of itself that is… Read more »

Erasure, The Lotus Eaters, Ulysses*
Larissa Shmailo

BY LORRIES ALONG SIR JOHN ROGERSON’S QUAY past Nichols’ the undertaker’s. Eleven, daresay. Sent his right hand with slow grace over his hair: Where was the chap I saw in that picture somewhere? Ah, in the dead sea, floating on his back; It’s a law like that. Curriculum. Crack. It’s the force of gravity of… Read more »

Some of My Friends
Max Blagg

“Some of my friends don’t know who they belong to.” Dipsomanic daytrippers kicking it in small motels on desert mornings dancing a june bug sonata percussive staccato legato flowing smooth and certain as a river Gram Parsons wailing through the walls infinity blue skies emptiness surrounding emptiness storm light orange as a flagman’s vest Chet… Read more »

Tom McGlynn_Terra Haute600
the perfect child
steve dalachinsky

i am a descendant of those that have survived for centuries & my mother wanted me to be the perfect child i am still amazed that people know how to make doors their ingenuity baffles me way beyond that of a beaver & its dam a beehive full of hungry workers an ant colony or… Read more »

Other Body Parts Are Worthy of Attention
Hal Sirowitz

“My problem is I’m both attracted and repelled by the male organ.” —Diane Keaton, Manhattan     I hope you don’t quote me as saying I like your sexual organ, she said. There are better things   I’d like to be known for – like being a good listener. I don’t have a special relationship… Read more »

Poetry Toys

Yes, there are bobble- head dolls of Poe, but where are the action figures of Auden?   Bob Ross, oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″, 2014 by Samoa Moriki –Sparrow Sensitive Skin 12 available here in PDF format here for just $4.95, or get

Kresch_Ladies of the LAX parking Lot-600_tweaked
Our Heavy Metal Life
Jose Padua

Sometimes I like to imagine that my family and I are a heavy metal band, playing gigs in the southern states, riding in a big tour bus that has skulls painted on the side, and a big decal of the grim reaper wielding his scythe on the rear windshield, moving east on Interstate-40 out of… Read more »

Marc Olmsted

Ocean fog thick in the avenue night white Christmas lights in October Shamrock Arms Bar glowing green & red through clear quartz-glass block front the Dead Sailor Girls will play tomorrow salt taste in air where I’m a lost spirit gliding over the rain-sheen streets empty of cars & people Diamond in the Sky, solvent… Read more »

It Is Not Here on Earth What I Am Seeking
Jack Micheline

I don’t know what I am seeking In the cool night rivers and birds a sensuous lip a rainbow of dreams past waterfalls the ruins of cities appear and fade in front of me awkward man he dresses and clowns seeking love and shelter in criminal ways I want to rip off the mask of… Read more »