Robert Frank and June Leaf

A Visit with June Leaf and Robert Frank

On a particular February 2011, afternoon, I spent part of the day in June Leaf’s studio, watching her work, and listening to her talk about her work. As I sat in a wooden office chair, I watched Leaf busily untangling some strands of stiff wire with her bare hands. The wire was pinched in a […]

Painting "I Leave" by Julius Klein

The Vampires of Pattaya Beach

Cat woke me up. I immediately looked at my dollar fifty alarm clock. It was twelve noon, with the sun shining through our windows. My little sweetie was jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean, spitting and cursing in English and Thai, doing her loco bit at the Polar Inn, a second rate […]

Jessica Anne Schwartz

Jessica Anne Schwartz: Instinctive Formalist

Jessica Anne Schwartz, a purely Left Coast Cali artist, decided, last year, to up and plant herself in the very heart of New York’s Chelsea art district where she maintains a large studio filled with her paintings, drawings and sculptures. No sooner had she landed then she found herself invited to participate in a group […]

Marine 1–10

A collaboration between Max Blagg and Alex Katz for the Marine Series’ Exhibition Catalogue, Jablonka Gallery, Berlin, 2008. This piece is an excerpt from the forthcoming book, Slow Dazzle: Poems & Prose For 23 Artists, published by Sensitive Skin Books, January 2016, containing 23 texts by Max Blagg with 23 different artists, including Larry Clark, […]

painting by Sally Egbert

The Calf

“The Calf,” a poem by D. James Smith, with a painting by Sally Egbert, from Sensitive Skin 13.

Contours of the Irreal: Paintings by David de Biasio

Although it may strike a theorist as paradoxical, the artist’s sole response to a moment such as ours—with its ideological cowardice, its reflexive violence, its prurient spectatorship—is always to exult in using the most voluptuous and rigorous resources at hand, to offer the public something that will be the equal of our condition, with unbounded […]

Sensitive Skin 13

Presenting Sensitive Skin 13, the Crime Special, featuring a multitude of criminally insane artists and writers. Sensitive Skin 13 features original fiction from Peter Blauner (Slow Motion Riot, The Intruder), Thaddeus Rutkowski (Violent Outburts, Haywire), Robert C. Hardin (Distorture), Carl Watson (Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming, The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts) Matt McClaren and B. […]

Flack from Taylor

A President who makes war Against and on Behalf of the Worst of the Arab world. Who sells the country to the Japanese government and its subsidized corporations. Who is a mealy-mouthed lying bastard Banker. Who doesn’t give a shit for his dog except as a vote-getter. Welcome to 1992— Mayor Dinkins, who is a […]


Kiss of Kind

Virtue and Fear Stare at each other in the mirror, They feed upon & tease each other Until neither one remembers what it used to be. That mirror’s name is Vanity, It can make a body live in harmony With an improbable costume Or it can make life hell, A reflection of itself that is […]