Robert Frank and June Leaf

A Visit with June Leaf and Robert Frank

On a particular February 2011, afternoon, I spent part of the day in June Leaf’s studio, watching her work, and listening to her talk about her work. As I sat in a wooden office chair, I watched Leaf busily untangling some strands of stiff wire with her bare hands. The wire was pinched in a […]

Itinerant Architectures

Itinerant Architectures

Itinerant Architectures is a series of sculpture, installations, architectural interventions and site-specific works. Drawing on ideas of the nomadic, the transient, opportunism and frontierism, it considers domestic civilization that springs up on the fringe of the wild. The sculpture series is constructed from junked mobile home trailers, taking what was architectural space and rendering it into abstract form.

Jessica Anne Schwartz

Jessica Anne Schwartz: Instinctive Formalist

Jessica Anne Schwartz, a purely Left Coast Cali artist, decided, last year, to up and plant herself in the very heart of New York’s Chelsea art district where she maintains a large studio filled with her paintings, drawings and sculptures. No sooner had she landed then she found herself invited to participate in a group […]


justin hott at the airport

Justin Hott was a retail analyst for Bear Stearns I met at LaGuardia airport one night heading back to Detroit in December 2007, shortly before his company imploded. What is the basis of greed / wanting to be free of money worries / There are 2 ways to do it: either you chase down money […]

Post Pic

New Work, 2008–2012

hover over any image to pause the slide show The term “social sculpture” is most readily identified with the German conceptual artist Josef Beuys, who has said: “an enlarged understanding of art could work and could break through the borders of isolation which the present culture stands in . . . .” —Nova Scotia, 1974 Much has changed since […]

Shalom Neuman

Shalom Neuman – New Work

If our world is composed of overlapping stimuli which create constant sensory overload, then why should visual art limit itself to any one discipline such as painting, sculpture, print, video or computerized digital images? Is it not true that imagery is inseparable from sound and evolution in time?