Genuine virtuosos are a rare breed. They defy categorization simply by existing. Their visionary ingenuity radiates from their work in spades, and effortlessly so. It can come at a price, in terms of their creations being lost on society at large, but in a world fraught with rules and restrictions prescribed by self-proclaimed authorities from […]

An Interview with New Monsters

The New Monsters are a Bay Area combo lead by bassist Steve Horowitz (The Code International) and tenor sax “monster” Dan Plonsey (of Daniel Popsicle, and composer of Leave Me Alone, an opera with libretto by Harvey Pekar). Dan and Steve go back many years as both friends and collaborators; they toured together in 1999 […]

Old Friends Festival

The Berkeley Arts Festival 2011 presents OFF, the Old Friends Festival, highlighting the best of the 1990s Bay Area music scene. 25 musicians, six bands, two nights!


The Spitters – Live at The Cooler, 1-24-98

Just dug up this nugget – an entire Spitters show (almost 21 minutes long!) filmed live at The Cooler, a great 1990s downtown NYC rock club. This performance is from 1998 and features the post “boy-band” Spitters; Bill, Tim and Louis have all graduated to other pursuits (including high-school teacher, fatherhood and life imprisonment, roughly […]

The Evening News!

So, If you happen to be in Texas near Angelo State University this Tuesday night, you really should go hear the amazing Mr. Bonenfant. The concert is going to be fantastic & it will include him playing my solo clarinet piece “the Evening News”. This virtuoso solo clarinet piece, was written for him in 1989 and […]

Mike Fink – Six Compositions

Michael Jon Fink is a composer/performer who resides in the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles. For the last thirty years he has served on the faculty of the Herb Albert School of Music at the California Institute of the Arts where he teaches Composition, Orchestration and Analysis.

Our Song – LaMacchia / Myrner / Feiszli

Our Song, Michael LaMacchia’s adventurous new trio recording, is an alluring arc of luminous songwriting and deeply centered conversations that capture our attention and invite us to participate. Our Song sonically narrates a very personal journey that shimmers with a blend of pastoral memories, mysterious storytelling and vulnerable confessions. Each of the eleven songs takes […]

Mr. Adams Live

Steve Adams is playing at the Berkeley Arts Festival this Thursday night, run don’t walk to hear him play! Steve is the real deal and a local gem. he will be appearing with Lisa Mezzacappa – bass, John Hanes – electronics & Scott Amendola – drums and electronics. Mr. Adams is an electrifying horn player and getting a […]

Mississippi Muck!

Ok, went to see Hank III, huge dis-appointment. Sorry to say, the band was great but, the mix was so loud & terrible that it was worse then a trip to the dentist for a root canal. After about an hour of trying every corner of the joint to find a decent place to listen, […]