Sensitive Skin 13 – Table of Contents

Here’s the complete list of all the pieces from our 13th issue, along with the back cover, a collage of mugshots from the collection of Mark Michaelson, submitted for your perusal. If you’d like to support us, please purchase a copy, available here in PDF format here for just $4.95, or get the full-color print […]


William S. Burroughs, Nancy Comics and the Cut-Up Method

Nancy, the iconic series of graphic tone poems by the legendary Ernie Bushmiller, achieved landmark status not for its dada-esque art, its stark depiction of a near-barren (yet strangely psychedelic) landscape populated by perhaps half a dozen proto-beatniks, a tree, three rocks, maybe a house, and not just for its apparent lack of all humor—and […]

You Can Win: An Interview with Díre McCain

Díre McCain is a survivor. Editor in Chief at the internationally-renowned Paraphilia Magazine, which has, since its inception in 2009, built a reputation for writing and art of outstanding quality while existing far beyond the realms of the mainstream, she’s liked and respected in many underground circles. While she’s contributed writing to a number of […]

Tambourine Man: Gene Clark/No Other Memoir Project 1

I asked Dylan once, Did you make Gene Clark famous? And he said, No, Gene Clark made me famous. -Bobby Neuwirth On the night of January 16, 1991, Gene Clark and the four other original Byrds got together one last time to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Eagle Don […]

Fred Frith – An Interview

Three Sensitive Skin editors had a chat with legendary musician and composer Fred Frith. We asked him some good questions, and some (or so he apparently thought) pedantic ones. But that’s how we roll. Fred’s answers were always interesting…


Saving Johannes

Johannes van Dam (1946-2013). Journalist, walking encyclopedia, and culinary writer extraordinaire. And one of my dearest Amsterdam friends since we first met in 1980, which was still early Ins & Outs Press days. Johannes, whom I often called Joe. A name that he liked, providing it came from me! “Joe? His name isn’t Joe, it’s […]

Sensitive Skin #10

Sensitive Skin #10 features out-takes from the Wall Street collection by famed photographer Charles Gatewood (Sidetripping, Forbidden Photographs), fiction by downtown legends Gary Indiana (Scar Tissue and Other Stories, White Trash, Horse Crazy, Gone Tomorrow), Max Blagg (Ticket Out) and Drew Hubner (East of Bowery) plus work by junky bankrobber Patrick O’Neil (The Hold-Up), radio host Tony DuShane (Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk) newcomer E.A. Fow and South American novelist Raul Serrano Sanchez (Catálogo de ilusiones) Plus work by Sharon Mesmer, Ron Kolm, Pete Simonelli, Michael Randall, James Reich, Ronald B. Richardson, Nick Zedd and Breyten Breytenback and much more.

Beer Mystic Burp #20: Ron Kolm: No Longer Chugging Rank Cologne

Ron Kolm: No Longer Chugging Rank Cologne One of the perils of the fast life is that if you’re not synchronized with the prevailing velocity you lose focus, things get blurry, imprecise, or you end up getting dragged along like a victim of a hate crime [a wuss] behind a banged-up pick up through a […]


In Memory of Dmitri Shostakovich

Today is the anniversary of the death of the Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich (Sept 29, 1906 – April 9, 1975). Shostakovich struggled under a hostile and perilous political environment for his entire working life. After a promising start with his First and Second Symphonies, his career went up in flames when Stalin attended a performance […]