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William S. Burroughs: Interview
Allen Ginsberg

A Sensitive Skin web exclusive! Allen Ginsberg interviews William S. Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas in 1992. With photographs by Ruby Ray, from the original REsearch magazine sessions, and drawings by David West. With an intro by B. Kold.

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Wall Street – Charles Gatewood Photographs
Charles Gatewood

In early 1972, I spent a week with William Burroughs in London, photographing a cover story for Rolling Stone. Burroughs’ radical ideas about power, control, and money touched me deeply. When I returned to New York, I began photographing the financial district in a whole new style. I’d never taken photographs like this before–but I… Read more »

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Fred Frith – An Interview
Fred Frith & The Editors

Three Sensitive Skin editors had a chat with legendary musician and composer Fred Frith. We asked him some good questions, and some (or so he apparently thought) pedantic ones. But that’s how we roll. Fred’s answers were always interesting…

Saving Johannes
Eddie Woods

Johannes van Dam (1946-2013). Journalist, walking encyclopedia, and culinary writer extraordinaire. And one of my dearest Amsterdam friends since we first met in 1980, which was still early Ins & Outs Press days. Johannes, whom I often called Joe. A name that he liked, providing it came from me! “Joe? His name isn’t Joe, it’s… Read more »

In Memory of Dmitri Shostakovich
Jenny Wade

Today is the anniversary of the death of the Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich (Sept 29, 1906 – April 9, 1975). Shostakovich struggled under a hostile and perilous political environment for his entire working life. After a promising start with his First and Second Symphonies, his career went up in flames when Stalin attended a performance… Read more »

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The United States of Hoodoo
Darius James & Ghazi Barakat

Ghazi Barakat discusses “The United States of Hoodoo” with long-time friend Darius James, who stars in the documentary film. They cover everything from Sammy Davis and the Church of Satan to the murder of Robert Johnson to Maya Deren and Eartha Kitt.

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Letter to Dad
Herbert Huncke

Editor’s Note: This letter from Herbert to his Dad was first published in Peau Sensible, the print precursor to Sensitive Skin, in the summer of 1992. The issue also contained work by Joel Rose, Jack Micheline, Darius James and many more, and will soon be available as part of an anthology collecting the entire original… Read more »

New Monsters

The New Monsters are a Bay Area combo lead by bassist Steve Horowitz (The Code International) and tenor sax “monster” Dan Plonsey (of Daniel Popsicle, and composer of Leave Me Alone, an opera with libretto by Harvey Pekar). Dan and Steve go back many years as both friends and collaborators; they toured together in 1999… Read more »

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Old Friends Festival

The Berkeley Arts Festival 2011 presents OFF, the Old Friends Festival, highlighting the best of the 1990s Bay Area music scene. 25 musicians, six bands, two nights!

The Spitters – Live at The Cooler, 1-24-98
The Spitters

Just dug up this nugget – an entire Spitters show (almost 21 minutes long!) filmed live at The Cooler, a great 1990s downtown NYC rock club. This performance is from 1998 and features the post “boy-band” Spitters; Bill, Tim and Louis have all graduated to other pursuits (including high-school teacher, fatherhood and life imprisonment, roughly… Read more »

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Snow Advisory
Flame Schon

Snow Advisory was shot in ’99 at Plaza Blanca in Abiquiu and at Tsankawi Caves right near Bandelier National Monument near the Jemez Mountains and the infamous Los Alamos New Mexico.

George Kuchar, RIP

George Kuchar, RIP. Kuchar and his twin brother Michael practically invented the “camp” genre. He prided himself on making films with non-actors, script, or theme, for almost no money. The 8mm movies he made in the 60s were as important a part of the underground film scene as those made by by Andy Warhol, Kenneth… Read more »

Philip Quinn — Outrageous But Beautiful

Whenever anyone asks me who my top transgressive Canadian writers happen to be, Philip Quinn is always at the top of that list. Hamilton-born, Quinn’s writing takes the familiar and makes it strange; then takes the strange and makes it quotidian. He is one of those few Canadian writers whose works are consistently transgressive and… Read more »