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Poetry Month Release Reading at Bowery Poetry Club, 5-17-15
The Editors

To celebrate the release of Sensitive Skin #12, the Poetry Month special, we had a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. About half of the published poets were able to make it. It was a lot of fun, but if you weren’t there, here’s the next best thing. (Thanks to Hal Hirshorn for… Read more »

William S. Burroughs, Nancy Comics and the Cut-Up Method
Bernard Meisler

Nancy, the iconic series of graphic tone poems by the legendary Ernie Bushmiller, achieved landmark status not for its dada-esque art, its stark depiction of a near-barren (yet strangely psychedelic) landscape populated by perhaps half a dozen proto-beatniks, a tree, three rocks, maybe a house, and not just for its apparent lack of all humor—and… Read more »

singers can't sing
The Open Solitudes of a Plural Self: Joseph O’Neal on Painting
Erik Noonan

Quite apart from the circumstantial affiliations that normally obtain among contemporaries, and quite apart from the facile optical resemblances that one can discern among artworks across distances in time, looking at a painter’s canvases has a way of making demands of the viewer that amount to a responsibility, a set of obligations, a contract, neither… Read more »

William S. Burroughs Fan Letter to Truman Capote, 1970
William S. Burroughs

Truman Capote once famously said of the work of Jack Kerouac: “That’s not writing, that’s typing.” A decade or so later, William S. Burroughs returned the favor with this epistolary riposte. July 23, 1970 My Dear Mr. Truman Capote, This is not a fan letter in the usual sense — unless you refer to ceiling… Read more »

You Can Win: An Interview with Díre McCain
Edward S. Robinson

Díre McCain is a survivor. Editor in Chief at the internationally-renowned Paraphilia Magazine, which has, since its inception in 2009, built a reputation for writing and art of outstanding quality while existing far beyond the realms of the mainstream, she’s liked and respected in many underground circles. While she’s contributed writing to a number of… Read more »

Tambourine Man: Gene Clark/No Other Memoir Project 1
Drew Hubner

I asked Dylan once, Did you make Gene Clark famous? And he said, No, Gene Clark made me famous. -Bobby Neuwirth On the night of January 16, 1991, Gene Clark and the four other original Byrds got together one last time to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Eagle Don… Read more »

William S. Burroughs: Interview
Allen Ginsberg

A Sensitive Skin web exclusive! Allen Ginsberg interviews William S. Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas in 1992. With photographs by Ruby Ray, from the original REsearch magazine sessions, and drawings by David West. With an intro by B. Kold.

Wall Street - Charles Gatewood photographs
Wall Street – Charles Gatewood Photographs
Charles Gatewood

In early 1972, I spent a week with William Burroughs in London, photographing a cover story for Rolling Stone. Burroughs’ radical ideas about power, control, and money touched me deeply. When I returned to New York, I began photographing the financial district in a whole new style. I’d never taken photographs like this before–but I… Read more »

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Fred Frith – An Interview
Fred Frith & The Editors

Three Sensitive Skin editors had a chat with legendary musician and composer Fred Frith. We asked him some good questions, and some (or so he apparently thought) pedantic ones. But that’s how we roll. Fred’s answers were always interesting…