Anarchy for a Rainy Day

Anarchy for a Rainy Day – Review by Jim Feast

Reading the new book of poetry by Valery Oisteanu, Anarchy for a Rainy Day, which is written in Surrealist style, the author himself an avowed member of this school, makes me think of an earlier, critically powerful critique of this literary and artistic movement. In T.A.Z., Hakim Bey levels a ferocious attack, saying that for […]

Joey Ramone Place & Bowery, photograph by David Shankbone

meeting joey ramone, 31 march 1977

I left upstate New York at 18 still thinking Robin Trower and the Marshall Tucker Band were music.  Until fall 1976, when I came across Punk magazine #3 (the Joey Ramone cover) in Boston.  It was like some message inside me suddenly got decoded: Oh—I get it! When my first-ever job in NYC went south […]

Hand Model, photograph by Nate Stein

Three poems

Dream Lover All those nights I wanted John to call. See how good? See how really good I can quit you? But he didn’t listen. Or call. Just shows up in a dream last week with the past slung over his shoulder, Sinatra-style. This time’ll be different. No fists. I fix him dinner. We never […]

Chelsea Hotel, photograph by Chris Goldberg


Gregory loved Peggy Biderman who lived at the Chelsea Hotel. Peggy, she was probably around 55, even older than Gregory (who was twice as old as me) but younger than I am now. I’m not sure of the relationship the two had in their past, lovers, friends, I don’t know. I knew she lived at […]

Like a 45 on 33, illustration by J. D. King

Like A 45 On 33

Only two days after Brian met her at a cocktail party, he walked out the front door of his home on Cape Cod, left it all behind: the ocean view, the bank account, the credit card, the mortgage, the car payments, the wife, the three kids, the kit, the caboodle. With nothing more than the […]

Hay, photograph by Peter Roome

Hay For the Horses

He had driven half the night From far down San Joaquin Through Mariposa, up the Dangerous Mountain roads, And pulled in at eight a.m. With his big truckload of hay behind the barn. With winch and ropes and hooks We stacked the bales up clean To splintery redwood rafters High in the dark, flecks of […]

The Poetry & Politics of Allen Ginsberg

The Poetry & Politics of Allen Ginsberg – Review by Marc Olmsted

THE POETRY & POLITICS OF ALLEN GINSBERG By Eliot Katz Beatdom Books (paperback) $28.00 In the last 25 years of his life, Allen Ginsberg championed a half-dozen young poets with some regularity. One of these poets was Eliot Katz, who has proven to be the most politically active voice of that amorphous group. One key […]

Nowhere, E. 10th St. Ave. B & C, 1983, photograph by Philip Pocock

Yearning for homeland!

“Yearning for homeland!”, a poem by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Katherine Pisarro-Grant, as part of the 2106 Poetry Month special, with a photo by Philip Pocock.

Roof Dog, Ave. B, E. 4th & E. 5th St., 1981, photograph by Philip Pocock

Nowhere to Go

Nowhere to Go A paw emerged threatening my conscience Your scent eludes me. A needle punctures a tire A bomb explodes Scoring the walls. Roof Dog, Ave. B, E. 4th & E. 5th St., 1981, photograph by Philip Pocock -Maria Lisella

Shopping Bag Woman, E. 7th St. & 2nd Ave., 1982, photograph by Philip Pocock


MONKEYS ON CRESTON AVENUE The Bronx, 1985 B–short for Beatrice–was the last of the Irish living at 2208 Creston Avenue. When I moved there in ‘75 her older brother was staying with her after a stroke prevented him from walking without the aid of a wiry, wheeled contraption resembling a shopping cart. Across the street […]