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There's Never Been A Better Time To Die Bernard Meisler front cover

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Die

Bernard Meisler

A neo-noir/satire of late-stage capitalism, this shaggy dog story-the incredibly convoluted plot is beside the point-pays homage to the nonsensical storylines of classic noir. A debauched, hard-boiled realtor stumbles upon a crime–or does he?–in Marin County, all the while making derisive social commentary.

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The Last Poet of the Village Sergei Yesenin Anton Yakovlev front cover

The Last Poet of the Village

The distinctive lyricism and lush rural imagery of poet Sergei Yesenin (1895-1925) have indelibly imprinted themselves into the Russian consciousness. Second in popularity among Russian speakers only to Alexander Pushkin, Yesenin has received surprisingly little attention abroad. This bilingual edition (original Russian side-by-side with translation by Anton Yakovlev) is an attempt to rectify the relative scarcity of Yesenin’s English translations and to introduce English speakers to many of his most beloved and iconic poems.

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Sensitive Skin Selected Writing 2016 2018 front cover

Sensitive Skin Selected Writing 2016-2018

Selected stories, poems and essays from Sensitive Skin, published online between 2016 and 2018. Includes work by Bob Holman, Thurston Moore, Hal Sirowitz, Jack Hirschman, Timothy Leary, steve dalachinsky, Max Blagg, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Jenny Wade, Anton Yakovlev, Sharon Mesmer, James Reich and many more.

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King of the Fireflies Rebecca Weiner Tompkins cover

King of the Fireflies

Rebecca Weiner Tompkins

The poems in Rebecca Weiner Tompkins’s King of the Fireflies lead the reader on a journey through a world of landscapes: urban; rural; mythological; emotional; erotic; cultural; political; and spiritual, and the borders between them.

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Mayakovsky Maximum Access Jenny Wade

Mayakovsky Maximum Access

Jenny Wade

Futurist, revolutionary, propagandist, lover, clown, martyr, hero—poet Vladimir Mayakovsky was the powerhouse of Russia’s Silver Age. This bilingual edition provides “maximum access” to some of his best known poems.

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Border Crossings Thaddeus Rutkowski cover

Border Crossings

Thaddeus Rutkowski

Border Crossings is Thaddeus Rutkowski’s first full-length collection of poetry. The “crossings” of the title are both geographical and psychological. In some of the poems, the speaker travels from one country to another. In others, he moves from one state of mind to another. His topics are his rural childhood and Asian heritage, his adult life in New York City, and his relation (throughout his journeys) to people, animals and nature. All of these short, first-person poems shed light on these topics through vivid, accessible language.

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WHY SING front cover John J Trause

Why Sing?

John J. Trause

John J. Trause’s book of traditional and experimental poems, Why Sing?, presents a literary world ebbing between the call of the past and the allure of the future. Why Sing? seeks to create a new international and multicultural literary tradition, against and/or with manifestations of the avant-garde and conceptual. Decidedly anti-Romantic, Why Sing? forges new shining paths through ancient woods.

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Dime Bag

Vincent Zangrillo

The junkie as iconic anti-hero is a vein that that runs through the body of mid-to-late 20th-century American literature, from “The Man with the Golden Arm” to “Naked Lunch” to “The Basketball Diaries.” Written and set in the demimonde of Downtown Manhattan in the pre-gentrified late ‘70s to mid- 80s, “Dime Bag” is the latest installment in that tradition. The work is a series of interconnected short stories that chronicle its god-forsaken narrator’s manic exploits: rising and falling, crashing but never really quite burning.

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A Change in the Weather, poems by Ron Kolm

A Change in the Weather (revised)

Ron Kolm

A new collection of poems by Ron Kolm.

“A born storyteller, documentarian and wild soul, Ron Kolm brings all the insight of a keen observer of life, whether it is in New York City, the Pennsylvania landscape of his youth, or the scenarios in fictionalized collage poems culled from photographs and letters. Kolm embraces the world around him: the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.”
—-John J. Trause

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NY Sin Phoney in Face Flat Minor

NY Sin Phoney in Face Flat Minor

bart plantenga

Not quite poems, not quite journal entries, meta-factual snapshots of everyday New York life. The companion book to Paris Scratch.

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Paris Scratch by bart plantenga Sensitive Skin Books

Paris Scratch

bart plantenga

Not quite poems, not quite journal entries, meta-factual snapshots of everyday Paris life. The companion book to NY Sin Phoney In Face Flat Minor.

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Music: Drawing Down the Muse David West Sensitive Skin Books

Music: Drawing Down the Muse

David West

Music: Drawing Down the Muse is a survey of drawings done in situ (usually in rehearsal or soundcheck) with various musicians or groups, over the last 20 years. The idea of the series was to define what the experience of the music “felt like,” and to capture the emotional dynamics of each different situation. The series began in San Francisco in 1990 with Monte Cazazza’s “Love Force,” and continued during the 90s in New York. Over the last 10 years in Paris, the focus has changed to the international, with the inclusion of many French and European musicians. From Wire to Patti Smith, from the Bush Tetras to Daniel Darc, and from Devo to Silver Apples, West has strived to express the effect of the musical charge.

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East of Bowery Drew Hubner Ted Barron Sensitive Skin Books

East of Bowery

Drew Hubner and Ted Barron

East of Bowery began as a collaborative web project between writer Drew Hubner (American by Blood, We Pierce) and photographer Ted Barron in 2008. It was subsequently performed as a multimedia performance with live musical accompaniment at the Gershwin Hotel and the Bowery Poetry Club. This is the first print publication of the project.

Barefoot in the Heart Neem Karoli Baba Keshav Das Sensitive Skin Books

Barefoot In The Heart: Remembering Neem Karoli Baba

Edited by Keshav Das

Barefoot in the Heart is a collection of transcribed oral stories of the Indian saint Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji). It includes many anecdotes and first-person retellings of stories collected in India and the in the USA over a period of 9 years, by Keshav Das, including a small selection of unpublished stories originally intended for inclusion in “Miracle Of Love” by Ram Dass.

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Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming Carl Watson Sensitive Skin Books

Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming

A novel by Carl Watson

“Amongst the oil fumes and the briny dinge of the sea, greasy, tired, frustrated, I had a flash. Suddenly, I had it all figured out—the psychology of despots and CEOs. I figured that in order for civilization to exist, people have to stay in one place, and so it seems somehow natural that the evolution of society would be to create an illusion of motion where none exists. Faster cars. Faster editing. Increased sensory stimulation. But all the while we are actually sitting more and more still. The population is placated by the feeling of progress, when in reality they are imprisoned. Even if we feel or strive to be utterly irresponsible, we’re still somehow doing our job.”

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