Sensitive Skin is currently NOT accepting unsolicited submissions – the exception is for those who were published in the original print version of Sensitive Skin or Peau Sensible. If we don’t know you, and you think we should, please contact us.

When submitting work, PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES BELOW and make sure to include a bio and mailing address with all submissions!


Please send a one-paragraph or so bio. Include links to any blogs or websites your part of, achievements, publications, any other links you think appropriate.

Descriptions of Work/Artist Statement

For all contributors of music, video, artwork and other what-not, please send in a description of the work or some kind of artistic statement. Musicians, if you have album cover artwork, please include that too! Any other pertinent information that you think we should include to describe the work, you etc. is appreciated.


No more than 3 short stories or essays. A maximum of 10 pages altogether please. We are not accepting unsolicited poetry. If you have links to Youtube or Vimeo or whatever of you performing your submitted piece, so much the better..


At present, folks should post to Youtube or Vimeo and we’ll just embed a link from there.


Please submit artwork in print-ready format – eg. TIF, PNG or high-quality jpeg at 300 dpi on an 8.5″ x 11″ page.


We do all of our promotion via word of mouth and social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc). so please 1.) join our Facebook fan page and 2.) Tell all your friends – share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever you’re into…


Payment will be made in copies only.


Ownership of all submissions reverts to the authors upon publication. Please do note, however, that we reserve the right to publish each issue in various formats – web, print, Kindle, etc – both known and unknown media etc., and to use any published or unpublished submissions as part of future anthologies.