madly in love love you madly

for Steve Cannon

I keep wanting to call you up and say
Steve, can you believe this shit?
And you’d laugh
and say I’m hip!

I’m throwing some shit in the game.
600,000 VA patients died because of Hospital negligence
In 2017.

Well that’s a helluva thing to say.
These people
All of them
Are just doing the best they can

I know Steve.
I know
I’m just so angry

Don’t scream
Just be serene.

I keep wanting to tell you
All about every minute
Of every goddamn day
And why the hell did I leave New York?

It’s like falling in love harder
With the lover
Who’s gone away

Who said that? Henry Miller?
Or was it Kafka?

Huh, well, you gotta remember, Sweetheart
That back then
Are you listening?
All I want you to do is email
Miss Chenny Chen Chen
And tell her to send everything to NYU archives

And if you really want to throw some shit in the game…

Cc my daughter and the board of directors.

Also, call Chavisa. I need to tell her to send that #metoo book over to
XYZ, they’ll write a review or maybe send her some duckets so she can go on that book tour.

Oh Gahd! When’re you two gonna stop fighting?

How’s that baby of yours? Send me a picture of that cute baby of yours.
We’ll throw it up on the website.

Huh, I’m not doing a Goddamn thing. I’m just sitting here being cool. Phoebe’s reading to me.

Talk to you later sweetheart.

Love you madly.

Steve Cannon

–Amy Ouzoonian, 7/14/2019