Poetry Month Release Reading at Bowery Poetry Club, 5-17-15

To celebrate the release of Sensitive Skin #12, the Poetry Month special, we had a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. About half of the published poets were able to make it. It was a lot of fun, but if you weren’t there, here’s the next best thing. (Thanks to Hal Hirshorn for filming it.)


John S. Hall reads Owls.

Ron Kolm reads 8th Street Station (Yin-Yang).

Your host, Bernard Meisler, recounts an amusing subway anecdote that happened on his way to the show.

[youtuberesponsive id=”OhSJV-KzQK0″]

Pete Simonelli reads What Friends Say.

[youtuberesponsive id=”GZ8gjOFALV4″]

Bob Holman “reads” an extemporaneous version of Sing This One Back to Me (which is completely different than the version that appeared in the magazine.)

[youtuberesponsive id=”MoBodVcyAwM”]

Sparrow reads (very slowly) Poetry Toys. Way to make it last Sparrow!

[youtuberesponsive id=”4mcqsTblaTw”]

steve dalachinsky talks about blow jobs and Mayakovsky then finally reads the perfect child.
[youtuberesponsive id=”2dX6RwwK2tE”]

Wanda Phipps reads Swallow the Evidence.

[youtuberesponsive id=”KGEMGM7Lnps”]

Max Blagg reads Some of My Friends.
[youtuberesponsive id=”y9JRowbdO1w”]

Rob Hardin reads For an Infant in the Throes of a Fatal Condition.
[youtuberesponsive id=”HDFWXdS1jMA”]

Rebecca Weiner Tompkins reads Landscape with a Bear in It Somewhere.
[youtuberesponsive id=”R_UI-qil5CY”]

Carl Watson reads Kiss of Kind.
[youtuberesponsive id=”18dQa_6jV5Y”]

John Farris reads Call Up.
[youtuberesponsive id=”sA6u7y5iApY”]

Norman Douglas reads off on grand boulevard.
[youtuberesponsive id=”cKCCPlmbtLE”]

Michael Carter reads Suspect Device.
[youtuberesponsive id=”cPZH4E6iCRI”]

To wrap it up, Steve Dalachinsky reads It Is Not Here on Earth What I Am Seeking by the late great Jack Micheline.
[youtuberesponsive id=”-EEAENiVxB4″]

You can read all 30 poems and check out the beautiful artwork from our Poetry Month special here. Now be nice and go buy a copy – – yeah you, I’m talking to you – see that link below? – go ahead and click it and you will be delivered to a garden of earthly delights.

Sensitive Skin 12 available here in PDF format here for just $4.95, or get the full-color print version via Amazon and select bookstores.

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