So, Tiffany and Eric and Don Jr and Kim Guilfoyle say those opposed to daddy’s form of government are trying to silence them. That it is radical and unfair to speak out against his style of political discourse — by which I mean outright bullying, intimidation, either by proxy or by innuendo, or by anonymous ‘followers’ communicating death threats to those with opposing views. That it’s left-wing political correctness to question midnight firings and elimination of government oversight, and the assembling of secret armies to attack peaceful protestors in the streets of America.

They say that they are being ‘canceled’ because some people dare to disagree with or question daddy, or call out his lies and smears and spurious plots of character assassination and secret alliances with dictators.

That daddy’s name-calling and veiled threats and provocations are perfectly okay, but asking him to honor his oath of office or accept conventional levels of transparency and accountability in the people’s government is not.

Well boo-hoo to that.

Tell it to Pocahantas. Tell it to Sleepy Joe and Crazy Nancy. Tell it to Crooked Hillary and Shifty Schiff. Tell it to That Woman From Michigan.

Tell it to Fredo and Crazy Megyn and Wacky Glenn and Low IQ Mika.

Tell it to Liddle Marco and Lyin Ted and Low Energy Jeb and Mad Dog Mattis and Wacky Amarosa.

Tell it to Dr Fauci who needs Secret Service protection around his family 24/7 because he contradicted your reckless Covid proclamations with solid science.

Tell it to the commentators, analysts, bloggers and elected officials — and casual online social media messagers — whose free speech is stifled by orchestrated campaigns of bullying and derision and shouting down.

Tell it to people of conscience who keep their mouths shut rather than risk being attacked by your conspiracy mongrels and character assassins.

Tell it to protestors at the University of Washington, where Elizabeth Hokoana allegedly shot someone in the stomach and her husband, Marc, allegedly fired pepper spray; and where the day before, according to police, Marc messaged a friend on Facebook stating he “can’t wait for tomorrow… I’m going to the Milo event and if the snowflakes get out off hand [sic] I’m just going to wade through their ranks and start cracking skulls.”

Tell it to the victims grieved and injuries exposed by Black Lives Matter, whose names you dare not utter for fear of undercutting your rhetoric of hate.

Tell it to Heather Heyer, age 32, run over and killed by one of your ‘presumably fine people’ in Charlottesville, for speaking out against the threat posed by torch-bearing neo-Nazis.

Tell it to Martin Gugino, age 75, pushed over by riot police and his head cracked open and bleeding on the pavement, for peacefully demonstrating against police violence.

Tell it to the black church in Charleston shot up. The Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh shot up. The pizzeria in Washington DC shot up. Gay night club patrons targeted in Orlando. Muslims targeted in Quebec City. Latinos targeted inside an El Paso Walmarts.

Tell it to the journalists ridiculed and corralled and called enemies of America and spat at by your crazed imbecile minions, for exercising the right of a free people to know what their government is up to.

Yes your deplorable minions, stoked on hate and fear. Your MAGA core, isolated from their fellow Americans, made bigoted and sadistic, just plain ordinary folk driven into a tailspin of authoritarian self-protective willful ignorance by your spiteful dogma, fueled by your thinly veiled violently confrontational contempt for a united citizenry, and your dangerous rhetoric of division and xenophobia.

Tell it to the witnesses smeared and intimidated by you and your henchmen in the halls of Congress. Tell it to the women reporters dismissed and derided as nasty, or having blood come out of their ‘wherever,’ for daring to ask you an inconvenient question. Tell it to the whistle blowers who have exposed wrongdoing, as they were sworn to do by their oath of office, and have as a result been outed for it and hounded from public service by your surrogate hitmen.

Tell it to Kaepernick. Tell it to Vindeman. Tell it to Marie L Yovanovitch and Sally Yates.

Tell it to Maxine Waters and AOC and Sahar Nowrouzzadeh and Kizhr Kahn.

Tell it to Goodyear.

Tell it to John Lewis, whose legacy you are trying to erase.

Tell it to John McCain, whose legacy you are trying to erase.

Tell it to Barack Obama, a sitting president hounded by you and your spurious one man Birther War; Barack Obama, whose legacy you have dedicated your entire twisted presidency to erase — out of spite for a few jokes told at the annual press club roast, and out of envy for the fact that the American people and people of the world have bestowed their affection more generously on him than they ever will on you.

Tell it to every president in American history, all of whom you regularly diss with your grandiose and empty claims of having ‘accomplished more than’ them.

Tell it to every expert on law enforcement, the court system, trade, taxes, epidemiology, tv ratings, national defense, renewable energy, construction, technology, campaign finance, taxes, ISIS, foreign intelligence, social media and drones — just some of the subjects which you claim to know more about than ‘anybody…more than any human being on earth’ — whose opinions and advice you demean.

Tell it to the dead ignored by you and the living disenfranchised by you; the public health and safety willfully left unprotected, the integrity of the environment laid bare and openly compromised.

Tell it to the caged babies. To the innocent dreamers driven into hiding. Tell it to the undocumented workers picking lettuce and washing dishes and landscaping yards. Tell it to the phantom caravan of refugees seeking escape from destabilized lands, destabilized by you and yours; seeking asylum and opportunity in the Land of the Free; to all those at the border who you wanted to electrocute and maim, to set man-eating alligators on, to pierce bodily with medieval spikes.

Tell it to detainees subjected to systematic sexual abuse in ICE detention centers.

Tell it to innocents left bloody in the street, set up by boogaloo provacateurs. Tell it to the peaceful protestors clubbed by your cops. Disappeared by your secret army. Teargassed, shot in the face and trampled by your agents.

Tell it to the protesters shot and killed in Kenosha Wisconsin by a 17 year old from across the state line, an Illinois boy with a long gun running down the street after curfew, canceling dissent; who gunned down two and another one wounded and the police let him walk on by with his rifle slung over his shoulder, still steaming with bullets and gunpowder and death; a 17 tear old boy who admired the police and when he was tracked down in the morning back home in Illinois he calmly put down his weapon and walked without shame into the protective blue arms of the police.

(And where were you when the bullets flew, Eric Trump? And where were you, young Tiffany? Safe on national TV, egging on your daddy’s followers, offering up fresh ammunition in his proxy war against any and all who dare question him)

And thousands and thousands of protestors who disagree with your daddy and his flirtation with fascism, his instinct for authoritarianism, his bumbling dictatorship; his obsession with slavish loyalty and his blind eye toward white supremacy, police brutality, racial injustice, corporate greed.

Protestors who are peaceful until provoked, and who anyhow won’t be silenced — who will come back and come back for more, no matter how often YOU try to cancel THEM.

Why? Because it’s better than bowing their necks to your infamy.

–George Wallace


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