trump defeats kanye

trump defeats kanye

reads the newspaper headline
a cartoon kanye holds up
on the cover of the sept 14th
newyorker, and tho i am
a huge b blitt fan, it makes me
mad, no hint of 9/11 and why wld you
gift the donald &/or kanye 1 more
free ammo salvo, and im thinking
of last nites quarter-final
between the williams sisters
and how all i can see
is django unchained,
the pit battle between
the two half-naked sweating slaves
while leonardo puffs on his cheroot
and most everyone in the stands
is white, tho kim was there, and
the announcer, female, says
“these two young ladies”
would she have said
of roger federer or le bron
‘this young man’, how about
‘two of the greatest athletes,’
and im wondering if
the match had to be sister
vs. sister and its way too
hot for september i met my
class for the first time
and on their info sheets
one is a newly released con
who wants to be ‘a better person’
and most of my students have
2 jobs and kids, and the man
on the street in the boilerplate
heat, collecting cans and bottles,
says ‘god is good’ and i mutter
‘sometimes’ and he, now back of me,
says,’ youre breathing…’
and the title of the cover is
’20/20 Vision’

Fuck You, Ludlow St., 1979, photograph by Philip Pocock

Trump defeats Kanye by Eve Packer

Photographs Poetry

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