Episode 7 – James Reich

James Reich in conversation with Bernard Meisler.

James Reich author photograph

James Reich is the author of the novels Soft Invasions, Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness, Bombshell, I, Judas and, most recently, the astonishing The Song My Enemies Sing, which reminded me what J.G. Ballard would write on a Substance D bender. He is the founder and publishing editor of Stalking Horse Press, and a professor of philosophy and literature. We talked about his latest novel, his influences, and had a good talk. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, 18 minutes of tape were lost, in which we discussed the truth behind the Kennedy assassination, Kubrick’s faking of the moon landing, and how Bush did 9/11. Maybe we’ll get to that next time. At about the 45-minute mark, James reads the first chapter of the novel he’s currently working on, Skin Ship (which has nothing to do with Sensitive Skin magazine – or does it? Listen and find out!)

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